A Hard Act to Follow

by Katy Boncey

Now that the dust has settled following an amazing 2011-2012 year of KEEN, concluded of course by the traditional KEEN Olympics, I’ve had time to look back and think of some of my favourite sessions. Here’s a rundown of some of my highlights during Chris Jones’ year as KEEN co-ordinator.

1. Dinosaurs at Zig-Zag

We travelled to Jurassic Park as part of our action movies theme at Zig Zag. The dinosaur costumes we had spent hours paper maché-ing and painting proved a big hit with our athletes and during the session we just managed to escape from the frightening T-rex!

2. Sherlock Holmes at KEEN Teens

At KEEN Teens we tried to think of lots of new and exciting sessions this year for our ever growing group. One of my favourites involved us helping Sherlock Holmes to solve an intricate murder mystery. We had to dust for fingerprints, interview the suspects and look for clues in order to find out whodunit!

3. The Lion King Treasure Hunt

On a very hot summer day we held our annual treasure hunt, this year it was themed around The Lion King. We searched for bugs and ran through an obstacle course with our villain Scar in hot pursuit with his water pistol.

4. Owls at GrEAT

One of the most exciting GrEAT sessions of the year was when we invited some impressive feathered friends along. As well as posing for photos with all our members the owls put on an impressive aerial display in St Clements Family Centre.

5. Science at KEEN Teens

KEEN teens went off with a bang (and lots of smoke) during our science night. After carrying out our own experiments the finale was to watch the explosion that ensued after adding Mentos to Coca Cola!

After so many original and exciting sessions last year we are going to have to work even harder to make this year’s KEEN even better. With only a few weeks to go until term starts again we are already putting our heads together to try and ensure KEEN celebrates its 25th birthday in style!