Zig-Zag is our weekly drama, music and craft workshop aimed at primary school aged children.

What happens at Zig-Zag?

We always aim to provide one-to-one support at Zig-Zag, so the session begins with a game of duck-duck-goose whilst athletes and coaches are paired up. After this, we find out what’s in store this week – often it’s a surprise to everyone! Each block of sessions follow a theme, which has recently included adventure films, fairytales, and Horrible Histories. Activities include games, art, craft, music and drama and are led by Zig-Zag session leaders. All are strung together by a story, complete with costumes and props. The session ends with a big Hokey Cokey.

What are the benefits of Zig-Zag?

The emphasis is on integration, creativity and fun. As with all KEEN sessions, athletes at Zig-Zag gain confidence and a sense of belonging. They have the chance to socialise, to use their imaginations and, most importantly, to enjoy themselves!

When and where is Zig-Zag held?

Zig-Zag is held 5:30-6:30pm every Thursday during Oxford University term time at the St. Clement’s Family Centre on Cross Street. Before coming to their first session, your child must be registered so that we can ensure we cater to their needs. To request a registration form, contact the KEEN coordinator,Damien Bradbury, at keen@keenoxford.org.