Springing back into action

KEEN activities started again on 28th April. Our spring/summer term will be a fun-packed 8 weeks, especially with the famous KEEN treasure hunt (theme to be decided next week) in University Parks and the massive end-of-year celebration that is the KEEN Olympics!

I’d like to remind parents of athletes that some sessions have changed their day and time this week, with KEEN Teens running on Mondays 18:00-19:20 followed by GrEAT 19:40-21:30, and Zig-Zag running on Thursdays 17:15-18:15. Our new transport policy is also now in effect – for more information on this please refer to the letter you received from our chair of trustees dated 3rd March 2014, or to KEEN’s¬†full policies document.

As AllSorts is now held outside, there is a risk that it may be affected by the weather. If your athlete goes to AllSorts, please check your e-mail and the front page of the KEEN website before travelling to New College Sports Ground each week!

I’m looking forward to a great term! Do get in touch with me at keen@keenoxford.org if you have any KEEN-related questions.


PS. If you’re looking for a reminder of everything we got up last term, why not check out this review?

Thanks to Tom Baker for running our KEEN+ golf session