Your donation can help KEEN support children and young people of all ages with a wide range of disabilities from all over Oxfordshire. Each year we bring together around 200 athletes and 300 volunteers, who come from over 20 Oxford University colleges, all corners of Oxford Brookes University, 7 schools and sixth form colleges, and a variety of workplaces.

“Lewis would not be able to join in with physical activities with other children without the specialised help of KEEN.” – Jenny, parent

“KEEN provides an opportunity for independent socialising, and taking part in activities away from the family environment. Very few other organisations provide this sort of environment, which is what makes KEEN so special.” – Becky, sister of an athlete

“GrEAT added a lot of joy to Lena. It’s a fixed part of her life. The pub sessions especially provide her with an opportunity to go out which would have been impossible otherwise. Going out like a proper grown-up without parents in tow has made a huge difference to Lena’s self-esteem and confidence.” – Marie-Anne, parent

“I like basketball, football, boxing and the trips. The KEEN trip to Legoland Windsor was EPIC!!! “- Bill, athlete

“I like doing the hockey cockey. I like using the smoke and lights and I like doing cooking and meeting the students and talking to them.” – Tom, athlete


All Disabilities

Autistic Spectrum Disorder 31%, Cerebral Palsy 10%, Down's Syndrome 11%, Global Development Delay 9%, Other 39%

Diagnoses recorded for athletes attending KEEN in the year 2011-2012

KEEN is completely inclusive, so we see athletes with a range of physical and learning disabilities. Autistic spectrum disorders are the largest single category of diagnoses in our current athlete population, followed by cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome and global development delay. However, a large number of our athletes have other developmental, physical, behavioural or social difficulties, and some siblings have no special needs at all! With sufficient guidance from parents and carers, we hope we can cater for everybody.

All Ages

Under 8 12%, 8 to 12 26%, 13 to 17 27%, 18 to 25 22%, Over 25 13%

Ages of athletes attending KEEN sessions in the year 2011-2012

We offer activities for ages 4 years and up. All age groups are well represented in the current cohort of athletes. We don’t actively recruit over the age of 25 years, but many of our GrEAT members have been coming to KEEN sessions since they were young and the oldest are in their late 30s – long may they keep coming!

All of Oxfordshire

Cherwell 11%, City of Oxford 50%, South Oxfordshire 22%, Vale of White Horse 12%, West Oxfordshire 5%

Athletes attending KEEN sessions from each district of Oxfordshire in the year 2011-2012

Barton and Sandhills 2.8%, Blackbird Leys 3.4%, Carfax 0%, Churchill 1.7%, Cowley Marsh 1.7%, Cowley 1.1%, Headington Hill and Northway 4.5%, Headington 2.8%, Hinksey Park 3.4%, Holywell 0%, Iffley Fields 3.4%, Jericho and Osney 1.1%, Littlemore 1.1%, Lye Valley 2.3%, Marston 4.0%, North 0%, Northfield Brook 6.2%, Quarry and Risinghurst 1.7%, Rose Hill and Iffley 2.8%, St. Clement's 2.3%, St. Margaret's 0.6%, St. Mary's 0.6%, Summertown 1.7%, Wolvercote 0.6%

Athletes attending KEEN sessions from each ward of the City of Oxford in the year 2011-2012

Most KEEN athletes come from within the county of Oxfordshire, although a few travel from further afield. Approximately half live within the boundaries of the City of Oxford and every part of the city outside of the centre is represented. The rest of the attendees at our sessions travel from outside Oxford – a testament to how unique and worthwhile KEEN’s activities are!