This is my Paralympics Story

by Tom Maryan

I had to get up very early at 5am!!!

We drove to London and went past the London Eye and the River Thames where they have the Fireworks for New Year.

When we got to the Car Park we had a Security Check where they used special mirrors. They looked under the bonnet and in the boot too.

We parked our car and walked to the Olympic Park. I had to show them my ticket

We had our own security Check and I had to go through a Special scanner in my wheelchair.

Then we walked over a Bridge into the Olympic park and saw the Stadium and the Orbit. We had a coffee and Tom had a Muffin.

We then went into the Olympic stadium. It was huge!

I left my wheelchair in a Special place and sat down in our seats 9 rows from the Front, by the long jump.

We saw the Olympic flame

We watched the long jump

Sometimes one of the jumpers got a red flag.

We also saw the discus. When the men had measured the throw they put the discus in a remote control model Mini car to take it back to the athlete. That was funny!

We saw the wheelchair races

We also saw David Weir race

Then we saw David Devine run from behind to win his heat – everyone waved, clapped and cheered him on, it was VERY loud but very exciting.

The crowd did lots of Mexican Waves – I joined in too!

We saw lots of Medal ceremonies including Oscar Pestori’s and David Weir’s.

Everyone sang God Save the Queen and I sang as well.

At the end we left the stadium and it all went quiet while they cleared up.

We had lunch by the River among the pretty flowers.

After lunch we walked along the river that goes through the Olympic Park and saw the Royal Rowing boat from the Jubilee that is moored there.

We then walked around the Olympic Park, it was very hot and very busy.

It was a good day, I would like to do it again in 2016 when the Olympics move to Brazil…

Love from Tom