KEEN Teens

KEEN Teens is a social club for teenagers. It aims to provide age-appropriate social activities and most importantly lots of fun!

What happens at KEEN Teens?

The session begins with some coaches being paired with athletes who need individual attention. The rest of the coaches are free to help out wherever they’re needed, which might involve helping to run an activity, going around the hall to make sure all the athletes are getting involved, or assisting an individual athlete with an activity.

KEEN Teens session leaders plan and run the activities. Activities have included a quiz, sports, cooking, fun science experiments and craft activities. Halfway through we stop for the athletes to have a drink and a snack.

When and where is KEEN Teens held?

KEEN Teens sessions are on Monday evenings from 6:00-7:20pm. Usually they are held at at the St. Clements’ Family Centre on Cross Street.

If you’re not a student, we need you to fill out a DBS check form before you come to your first session – contact Paul in the KEEN Office for more details.