KEEN Teens is a social club for teenagers. It aims to provide age-appropriate social activities and most importantly lots of fun!



What happens at KEEN Teens?

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At the start of the session, some volunteers are paired with athletes who may need individual attention. The rest of the athletes and volunteers mingle as they please. Activities are run by session leaders and have recently included quizzes, sports, cooking, fun science experiments and craft activities. We break halfway for a drink and a snack.

What are the benefits of KEEN Teens?

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The purpose of KEEN Teens is to provide an integrated environment for our athletes to develop their social skills and have fun, allowing them to gain confidence and a sense of belonging.

“He enjoys the freedom away from the structured educational environment like in school, and away from home – on his own yet staying safe – and the variety of programmes on offer at the KEEN Teens sessions.” – Andrea, parent

When and where is KEEN Teens held?

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KEEN Teens sessions are held on Monday evenings in Oxford University term time from 6:00-7:20pm. Usually they are held at at the St. Clements’ Family Centre on Cross Street. Before coming to their first session, your child must be registered so that we can ensure we cater to their needs. To request a registration form, contact the KEEN coordinator, Damien Bradbury, at