Why join our team?

From being a Session Buddy to interning with us, and everything in between, there is something for everyone at KEEN. As thousands of former Session Buddies, Leaders, and other team members would tell you, KEEN is fantastic fun, often hilarious, the basis for many lifetime friendships, and a simply awesome life experience!

Find out more about all the ways you could get involved further down this page.

Who is on our team?

Our friendly and welcoming community is a varied mix people from all kinds of backgrounds and walks of life. Our current team is made up mainly of the following groups:

University Students: KEEN was originally set up by university students (find out more about our history here), and the two universities in Oxford remain an awesome source of amazing team members. We welcome around 200 university students to KEEN each year!

College and Sixth Form Students: As well as university students, lots of 16+ students from local schools and colleges join us too!

Non-students: KEEN is not just for students, far from it! We have a friendly and active community of non-students who also get involved. In 2019/20, we’ll be adding more social opportunities for this group to meet and get to know each other outside of our sessions.

How do I join?

Trying out KEEN is very easy.

No long paperwork required, or a long wait before coming along, just subscribe to our weekly team bulletin here! Once you start receiving this you’ll be able to see what’s on each week and use it to sign-up to join one of our session teams.

One of the unique aspects of participating with KEEN as a buddy is the flexibility, we try to work around you and your other commitments as much as possible, whether they be work or study related, or otherwise. If you do decide to continue coming, we will guide you through the rest of the simple registration process, including completing a DBS check and having the chance to take a free online Safeguarding course.

To talk to a member of our team directly, pop us an email/phone call or find us at St Clement’s Centre.  


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Our Sessions and Projects Team

We are always, always looking for more Session Buddies and Leaders to help make our programme of sessions and projects awesome!


Session Buddies

Come and participate at our sessions as a Session Buddy and be paired with either one or a small group of our participants, depending on your preferences and the support they need. You'll make friends yourself and have lots of fun taking part in our activities too.

Our Session Buddies make up the biggest part of our team, we are always on the look out for more, and it is a great way to experience what KEEN is all about for the first time.

Session Leaders

If planning amazing sessions and seeing your wildest ideas realised is your thing, you might like to try being one of our Session Leaders.  They work with our session coordinators to make sure our session programmes are all packed with amazing sessions.

Session Coordinators

For those who like big fish to fry, becoming a Session Coordinator is always an option. These KEEN legends take overall responsibility for a whole session for at least two terms. It sounds like a lot of work, and occasionally it can be busy, especially if a Den or the North Sea needs building... But generally, we help to make it manageable, and it's hugely rewarding.

INK Guest Artists

We’re looking for university art students and other local artists to lead a 2 - 3 week series of workshops with our art group: INK.

Information Sheet

Apply Here


What our team say

“There is something wonderful in the way GrEAT allows for the connection of two happy souls. I’m so glad I’ve become a part of the team!”
— Lorelei, Session Leader

"We played, we danced, we had fun! That's the point of Allsorts, to engage everyone in an active and energetic environment" Boon, Allsorts Coordinator

"We had such fun this year, painting, cooking, joking, and even totally reinventing ballroom dancing. Look out strictly!" Florence, Session Leader

"I always have an amazing time at KEEN, I can't wait for next year" Isobel, Session Leader and Coach

"KEEN sessions are always so much fun and a highlight of my week!" Stephanie, Session Coach

"KEEN puts a smile on my face and keeps it there for days." Rosaline, Session Coach

"Making lava lamps? Scientific mysteries? Must be KEEN Teens!¨ Chris, Session Leader and Committee Member

“KEEN: Fun, adventure, and time travelling pianos!”
— Rebecca, Committee Member and Session Coach
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Other team opportunities


KEEN Committee Members

The KEEN Committee is where it's at if you like cake, full stop. It's also where it's at if you have sensible/crazy/heartfelt/whimsical ideas about how KEEN could be even more epic.  We meet a couple of times a term outside of sessions to plan all sorts of awesome events, and make sure that KEEN lives up to its values and mission.

Find out more about the current KEEN committee and what it does here.

College and school Reps

Our team of College and School Reps help to spread the word about KEEN far and wide in Oxford. It's a pretty easy life as a college rep, with plenty of perks - all in all, the perfect way to easily boost your CV and get major KEEN brownie points at the same time!

Young Leader Programme

You might also like to check out our Young Leader Programme aimed at people aged 16-19.

internships and work experience

Did we mention that KEEN is the perfect way to boost your CV? We have opportunities behind the scenes in a host of areas, including marketing, publicity, management and business planning, fundraising, legal, and design.

We run 7 placement programmes, internally and in partnership with the University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes Careers Services.

In 2018 we had 59 different people complete either an internship or work experience placement with us, and we guarantee that we will take you seriously, challenge you, and ensure that you leave with more skills and experience than when you start!

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5 Reasons to get involved

1. The perfect CV boost

Our team members give consistently exceptional feedback when it comes to the skills that they have developed at KEEN, whether they be in planning and management, communication, leadership, working with young people, understanding disability, or a host of other areas.

Experience with KEEN has formed the basis of many an excellent CV, or job/university application. Hands on experience with KEEN is particularly ideal for aspiring medics, teachers, or those interested in a career in the highly competitive not-for-profit sector.

2. Getting involved is really easy

Coming to KEEN for the first time couldn't be simpler. Just pop us an email to let us know you’d like to come along, or join our mailing list and sign up for a taster session that way. Either way, there is no hassle of inductions or other forms until you know that KEEN is right for you. Even then, the induction process couldn't be simpler!

And, if you do decide that KEEN is something you want to do more of, the commitment is a flexible one. We suggest a minimum commitment of 5 sessions within a term, but you can decide when these are, and when you need to take time out for study or other things in life!



KEEN is about even more than our sessions and projects. With well over 250 people on our team each year, KEEN has a vibrant community of its own, and the social events and experiences to match! All are welcome to join in the fun - and we have a lot of it, with socials, dinner, legendary treasure hunts, and regular opportunities to join us for an ice cream or a drink after sessions!

4. Make a difference in the local community

Whether you are a student in Oxford or have lived here all your life, KEEN offers a perfect bridge to getting more involved the local community, and seeing the difference you can make to people's lives as part of our team.

5. KEEN is simply great fun!

Building spaceships at Zig-Zag, extracting DNA from strawberries at KEEN Teens, playground games at Allsorts, archery at GrEAT, kayaking at KEEN Plus... Put simply, we have an awesome time and no matter what your day has been like,  KEEN is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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