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If you want to register to be a Keen / GrEAT athlete please tell us about yourself so we can get to know you and be up to date with anything we need to know to make your sessions the best they can be.

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Does your child need any assistance when going to the toilet?
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Here is a list of common KEEN Activities; Please tick three that your athlete would enjoy most. These will be shown on the front of your athlete’s profile.
Please enter 5 quick tips about your athlete that will help volunteers to work with them – this can be related to their interests, behaviour or personality or anything else that might be relevant.
Coaching Advice
In this section we want to know about how we can help make the sessions easy and fun for you.
Try to describe your athlete. This can include things like: Strengths and weaknesses Personality What are they like with other children, individually and in groups? Likes Dislikes Attention span Physical difficulties and suggestions to help them
Please describe how your athlete reacts to meeting new people. What do you recommend to make them feel comfortable and settled? Do they need firm boundaries to begin with? If so, what kind?
How does your athlete communicate? E.g. full sentences, single words, Makaton signs or pictures (PECS – can these be brought into sessions?).
Do you have any tips on how to physically support your athlete, such as exercises we should encourage to help their development, or particular movements to avoid doing?
What behaviour would you like us to encourage and how do we promote this? How does your athlete respond to praise and attention? Are there any strategies that are being used at home or school that we can try to support?
What behaviour would you like us to discourage? What should we look out for and how should we respond? E.g. Time out, ignoring, counting.
What behaviour does your athlete show when upset? What are common causes of this? What may help calm them down or cheer them up?
What are your athlete’s favourite activities? What activities might they enjoy within the KEEN sessions they’ll be attending?
What are your athlete’s interests outside of KEEN?
Which Sessions are you interested in? *
KEEN aims to provide for all of the Athletes who turn up for our activities. However, in order to plan the sessions and to send out appropriate information, we ask that you register your Athlete’s interests below. Please √ each box that applies. You may contact us at any point in the future to change your choices.
I consent to KEEN and its agents photographing or filming my child at any KEEN activity or event for promotional or training use, including the KEEN website.
For future communication, including mail-outs regarding upcoming activities, please indicate if you would prefer to be contacted by email or by post (our preferred method is email). Please select one.
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My child will be participating in various recreational and sporting activities offered by KEEN. I release and discharge KEEN and its agents from any and all liability or responsibility for any accident or injury to person or property which may occur during the course of such activities, except for any liability or responsibility resulting from gross negligence or wilful misconduct of KEEN or any one of its agents.