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KEEN Teens is our social club Aimed at teenagers on Monday evenings. 

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What happens at KEEN Teens?

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We get up to to all sorts of things at KEEN Teens, including baking, science experiments, art projects, treasure hunts, a multitude of games and even detective mystery nights!

We always aim to provide one-to-one support where needed, and the session usually begins with a circle game whilst young people and Session Coaches are paired up. After this, the Teens Coordinator and Session Leaders are there to support the activities our Young People have decided to do.

He enjoys the freedom away from the structured educational environment like in school, being away from home – on his own yet staying safe – and the variety of programmes on offer at the KEEN Teens sessions.
— Andrea, parent

What are the benefits?

The activities at KEEN Teens help to boost young people's independence and social skills through a variety of games and activities in a relaxed, supportive environment.

  It offers them the chance to try new things, build confidence and experience new social interactions, not just with their peers but with our enthusiastic and bubbly team of volunteers.  


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Schedule, location, and how to join


KEEN Teens takes place on Monday evenings for 8 weeks during the KEEN term, from 18:00 to 19:20.


KEEN Teens happens at St Clement's Centre, Cross St, Oxford, OX4 1DA. Occasionally we also go to other local venues such as the nearby park, museums or other attractions.

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PARTICIPATE in our next session

Are you a young person interested in coming to KEEN Teens, or a Parent/Guardian/Carer? Please do get in touch using the link above. We'll be happy to answer any further questions you have, invite you to an upcoming session and guide you through the simple registration process.

You can click here to see our full calendar of upcoming sessions and events.

Here as a potential SESSIOn coach?

If you are interested in participating at any of our sessions as a Session Coach, including KEEN Teens, you can find out more about joining our team above.

You don't need to complete a registration form before coming to your first session, but you might like to join our mailing list, or complete our registration form in advance if you are super KEEN!