Here’s our online review of the 2016-17 KEEN year – our 29th! Please enjoy looking back over the past three terms of activities, but remember to look forward as well – next year is our 30th, and it’s sure to be huge! 

As ever, we extend a huge thank you to everyone who’s supported, funded and contributed time to us over the past year. Everything you do for KEEN has the potential to make a huge difference. We have tried to include the names of everyone who contributed up until mid-June (when this was completed) but there are many more anonymous and unknown supporters who we are also indebted to. 

If you didn’t manage to pick up a hard copy at our end-of-year Olympics, and the online version isn’t satisfying enough, do contact the KEEN office to get your hands on one.

Let’s hope the pages of next year’s review are filled with even more happy memories!