Yoga quota

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Yoga Quota believe that yoga should be accessible for everyone, so we are a registered charity and we exist to make this happen! We have a yoga studio in Oxford which is our fundraiser, and a quota system to target as much charity work as possible. Every 50 people who come to the studio and pay, we've made a Quota and every Quota we do a free class for a vulnerable group.

KEEN and Yoga Quota have been working together for most of Yoga Quota's existence and we met as mutual tenants of Turl Street Kitchen. We think KEEN is a wonderful charity and and we love teaching at Allsorts and GrEAT Sports sessions. It’s great getting to know the members and introducing the lovely calming affect and fun of yoga to them!

Pop into our studio anytime to meet us! You can support the charity by taking part in our yoga classes, or if you teach you can join our cohort of charitable teachers across the UK to spread our work in their area. If you have a charity or cause you think would suit sampling yoga, let us know at!