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We’re a registered charity that provides social and recreational activities for people with special needs in the Oxford area.

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  • The KEEN Annual Review 2015-16

    Those who attended the KEEN Olympics 2016 will have hopefully taken the opportunity to pick up a c...

    The KEEN Annual Review 2015-16
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We’re completely inclusive. Children and adults with a wide range of special needs take part in our sporting, creative and social activities.

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KEEN relies on volunteers from all backgrounds to bring their enthusiasm to our fun-packed sessions and make our participants feel part of something awesome.

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  • GrEAT Social Spring-Summer 2016

    Some moments from the GrEAT Social sessions from April 2016 to June 2016

    GrEAT Social Spring-Summer 2016
  • GrEAT Sports 2016

    Some of our sporting achievements from March 2016 to October 2016

    GrEAT Sports 2016
  • Zig-Zag Spring-Summer 2016

    In another fantastically bizarre term we hopped our way through time on the hunt for The Doctor's AWOL…

    Zig-Zag Spring-Summer 2016
  • KEEN Olympics 2016

    Your Feel Good Friday treat is being able to feast your eyes on pictures from the KEEN Olympics! On …

    KEEN Olympics 2016
  • KEEN Treasure Hunt 2016: The BFG

    With the help of a Field Marshall, the Queen of England, the Big Friendly Giant and some bloke called…

    KEEN Treasure Hunt 2016: The BFG

KEEN is funded solely by grants and donations. Financial considerations should never be a barrier to anyone who can benefit from taking part.

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