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Welcome to KEEN!
We’re a registered charity that provides social and recreational activities for people with special needs in the Oxford area.

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    Applications for the 2017-18 Coordinator position are now open. If you can see yourself running KE...

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AllSorts weather update for 30/04/16: Weather is glorious and AllSorts is on!

We’re completely inclusive and children with a wide range of special needs take part in our sporting, creative and social activities.

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Our volunteers are local young people: most are students from Oxford’s two universities but a number study at local sixth form colleges or are professionals.

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  • Zig-Zag Winter-Spring 2016

    As you can see we have a lot of fun looking silly at Zig-Zag. This term we went on many adventures with…

    Zig-Zag Winter-Spring 2016
  • GrEAT Social Winter-Spring 2016

    Here are some pics showing what we got up to this term - including some of the many marvellous messes…

    GrEAT Social Winter-Spring 2016
  • AllSorts photos by Kaylah

    You may have seen that Kaylah likes being in front of the camera, but she also likes having a go behind…

    AllSorts photos by Kaylah
  • AllSorts Winter-Spring 2016

    Here's a glimpse of the fun we had at AllSorts in the early part of 2016. A big thank you is due to …

    AllSorts Winter-Spring 2016
  • KEEN Teens Autumn-Winter 2015

    We had a lot of fun at our teen social session this term. Our sessions included a games night, a superhero…

    KEEN Teens Autumn-Winter 2015

KEEN is funded solely by grants and donations. Financial considerations should never be a barrier to anyone who can benefit from taking part.

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