AllSorts is our Saturday afternoon sports session. It’s split into two halves – the first for 4 to 13 year olds and the second for 14 to 25 year olds.



What happens at AllSorts?

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We always aim to provide one-to-one support at AllSorts, so the session begins with a game of duck-duck-goose whilst athletes and coaches are paired up. After this, our sports coordinator leads a warm up before the athletes are split into three groups. The groups rotate around three different activities, which change every week. Halfway through we will have a squash break, and the session ends with a big Hokey Cokey.

Sports that have featured recently at AllSorts include football, tennis, rounders, hockey, parachute games, boccia, volleyball, athletics and basketball. Every activity is led by an experienced coach, who plans their session to help develop skills in individual and group settings. No ability is necessary – individual coaches tailor the activities to the needs of their athlete.

What are the benefits of AllSorts?

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The activities at AllSorts promote co-ordination, concentration, mobility and fitness. Athletes have the opportunity to learn new skills in a relaxed, supportive and non-competitive environment.

“KEEN gives Ellie the chance to participate in sports without being the odd one out. This has helped her self-confidence and she loves to talk about the different sports she has done.” – Sara, parent

“Alex’s ability to join in games has improved. I was amazed when I saw him kick a football to another person at a session. He has also learnt turn-taking and anticipates and gets excited when he thinks he is going to get a turn.” – Pauline, parent

When and where is AllSorts held?

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AllSorts happens from 1:45-5:00pm every Saturday during Oxford University term time. From October to March, we’re based indoors at Blackbird Leys Leisure Centre. In the summer, from April to June, sessions are held outdoors at New College Sports Ground on St Cross Road. Before coming to their first session, your child must be registered so that we can ensure we cater to their needs. To request a registration form, contact the KEEN coordinator, Damien Bradbury, at