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KEEN Plus is our programme of activities in addition to our regular sessions.

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What happens at KEEN Plus?

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KEEN Plus sessions happen throughout the year outside of our regular session schedule. The activities covered are varied, in recent years our KEEN Plus programme has included the following:

- Ice Skating at Oxford Ice Rink

- Trips to the Pantomime and other plays at the Oxford Playhouse

- The annual Oxford Philosomusica 'Funomusica' concerts

- Day trips to nature parks, Bristol Science Centre, London, and Theme Parks

- The Story Museum, Oxford Museum of Natural History, and the Ashmolean Museum

- Indoor and Outdoor Kayaking

- Sports including Golf, Archery, Wheelchair Basketball, and Go-Karting

The KEEN Plus programme for 2018-19 is coming together, so please do ask us for details of what is coming up, there will be lots on offer!

The Story Museum is a really cool place - we especially enjoyed reading story books together in the giant bedroom!
— Josie, Session Coach

What are the benefits?

The activities at AllSorts promote co-ordination, concentration, mobility, body awareness and fitness. Athletes have the opportunity to learn new skills and have fun in a relaxed, supportive and non-competitive environment, just as their peers would. 

These effects can have huge positive changes in health, quality of life and self-esteem, promoting new friendships and a sense of accomplishment.


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Schedule, location, and how to join


KEEN Plus sessions are in addition to our regular programme of activities and are not at regular times. Register with us, or email directly to find further information on upcoming sessions.


KEEN Plus sessions happen at a variety of locations in and around Oxford depending on the activity. For example, every year we go to the Pantomime at the Oxford Playhouse, and take trips to the Oxford Museum of Natural History and the Ashmolean. We also go swimming at Leys Pool and Ice Skating at Oxford Ice rink.

PARTICIPATE in our next session

Are you a young person interested in coming to KEEN Plus, or a Parent/Guardian/Carer? Please do get in touch using the link above. We'll be happy to answer any further questions you have, invite you to an upcoming session and guide you through the simple registration process.

You can click here to see our full calendar of upcoming sessions and events.

Here as a potential SESSIOn coach?

If you are interested in participating at any of our sessions as a Session Coach, including KEEN Plus, you can find out more about joining our team above.

You don't need to complete a registration form before coming to your first session, but you might like to join our mailing list, or complete our registration form in advance if you are super KEEN!